7 Best Tools For Social Media Tracking

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1. Facebook Insights

Facebook is consistently changing the way it selects and displays content to its audience – meaning that page owners not only got to ensure content has relevancy , but also that posts are published at a time when audiences are most active.

The Facebook Insights tool provides detailed information on Likes, reach, visits, video and other people . one among its really cool features is that the Posts tab; allowing you to know when your audience is most active, displaying info by day and time.

On your business page’s admin panel, click on Insights. Now click on Posts and click on on the tab When Your Fans Are Online.

Facebook Insights admin panel showing audience behavior

This gives you an entire snapshot of your audiences’ behavior. So, search for once they are most active, schedule your posts accordingly and you ought to see a rise in engagement.

You can also track the performance of your competitors’ posts with the function Add Pages which is under the section called Pages to observe under the Overview tab, as shown below:

And if you are doing not know who your competitors currently are, Facebook goes a step further in suggesting pages to observe , as shown below:

Facebook Insights suggested pages to observe

Facebook offers tons of help with understanding data provided by the Insights Tool, including a basic tutorial.

2. TweetReach

If you’re a fanatical twitter promoter of your business TweetReach may be a must-use tool to trace how far your tweets have actually reached. It comes in various paid plans but the free plan would usually suffice for alittle to mid-sized business.

The free account includes the subsequent features:

Track any 50 recent tweets using hashtags, usernames and keywords.

Quick access to past reports of up to 1500 tweets as old as every week .

You can also try another free twitter monitoring tools like TweetDeck and Twazzup. While you’ll keep track of hashtags, searches, lists and manage multiple accounts with the previous , the latter are often wont to track real-time niche updates and top influencers in your industry.

Another handy little free tool that helps track your brand’s rate of growth across Twitter is that the TwitterCounter.

3. Tweriod

Similar to Facebook Insight’s function, Tweriod may be a free Twitter tool that helps you to urge the foremost out of the platform by letting you recognize the simplest time to Tweet.

Simply check in together with your business Twitter account and enter the e-mail address to where you would like the reports sent to.

The report shows you the height times at which your tweets are getting to get maximum exposure also because the times that your followers are online.

It also provides hourly graphs of your Twitter followers and displays the last 600 tweets where your business was mentioned.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics may be a good way of identifying which social media sites send the foremost traffic to your website. More importantly, it’ll help to work out which platform needs more attention.

Here you’ll get a fast overview of the social media sites that send across maximum traffic to your site. By understanding the degree of your social media marketing reach in each of those channels, you’ll prioritize and improve your social media marketing efforts.

And if you’ve got found out a campaign and shared the links to your landing page on various social media channels, you’ll cash in of the integrated URL builder.

URL builder may be a tool that aids you in adding utm parameters to your campaign URLs and distributing them across social media and other channels. it’s like setting a tracker on your campaign URL that’s directly reported on your Google Analytics account.

To access this report you would like to line up goals on Google Analytics then track your social media traffic via Acquisition > Campaign.

For more help with Google Analytics inspect this post for ‘newbies’.

5. Bitly

Bitly is primarily a link management platform. If you’re including links into posts, messages etc, with Bitly you’ll shorten them and, most significantly , track them.

Depending on whether you check in with Facebook or Twitter, Bitly shows stats of all the links that are shared within the past. you’ll still use this tool to shorten your URLs and track those URLs from your social media campaigns.

Bitly provides data by the day on which clicks occurred on your links, the situation during which your links were clicked and therefore the number of referrers for the links, as shown below:

Bitly clicks and locations dashboard


6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is primarily a Social Media Management tool, allowing you to schedule and send updates across a mess of Social Media platforms. It also includes an excellent analytics tool – with the added bonus being that it compiles data from all of your social media platforms into one, easy to use tool.

Hootsuite link tracking tool

Hootsuite integrates with the most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, FourSquare, WordPress and YouTube. But you’ll need to pay to manage quite several directly .

Hootsuite also includes a URL shortening tool and link tracking mechanism.

Hootsuite’s app directory allows you to feature additional social media accounts into your dashboard like Flickr and Tumblr. It also allows you to integrate marketing tools like MailChimp, SocialFlow, InboxQ, Constant Contact and lots of others from its app directory. Shown below is that the section on the dashboard that permits you to directly add apps.

Check out what’s available on the essential Hootsuite plan.

7. Social Mention

SocialMention may be a simple but effective free tool to trace the reach of keywords (or mentions) utilized in your social media campaigns. you’ll set email alerts for keywords specific to your social media marketing campaign that you simply got to track across the whole social media web.

The tool monitors quite eighty social media websites that include Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg and Google. an identical tool is provided for free of charge by Google, referred to as Google Alerts. the sole difference between the 2 is that, SocialMention is restricted to social media sites and Google Alerts tracks mentions from across the web in its entirety.

With SocialMention you’ll track keywords across blogs, microblogs, Q&A, comments, and news but it’s however, effective at retrieving information from social networking sites.

In the above screenshot, you see four metrics calculated by this tool.

these are:

Strength: Chances of your brand being mentioned in social media at that time of your time .

Sentiment: The ratio of positive mentions over negative mentions.

Passion: Chances of how often the actual mention will repeat round the same social media circles.

Reach: this is often a metric of how influential the mention is. it’s calculated by dividing the amount of unique authors mentioning the actual word by total number of mentions.


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