7 Best Tools for Usability Testing

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Even the simplest designers and developers are not any match for usability testing. Consider your great-Uncle Max, who struggles to finish a turn Skype. Every. Single. Time. If your website isn’t easy-to-use for even the technologically challenged, you’ll lose people.

Usability tests are administered to know user behavior and to switch your website content, design or code accordingly. Big companies do that and with every dollar they spend they create ten to 100 times back from their web business as a result. within the youth usability tests were pricey but not anymore.

Prioritize usability testing to:

Better understand your users.

Get information on what’s lacking and what’s rockin’ on your website straight from the horse’s (user’s) mouth. Feedback tools allow you to ask your customers quick questions that offer you a thought of their experience on your site.

1. Kampyle:

Key Features:

Custom feedback forms.

2. Qualaroo:

Key Features:

Micro-survey form on lower-right corner of your website .

3. iPerceptions:

Key Features:

Unlimited surveys.

Free Trials aren’t offered

4. Usabilla:

Key Features:

Real-time visual user-feedback.

5. UserTest.io:

Key Features:

Allows you to recruit and use your own testers, or use UserTest.io’s “vault of testers”. The vault allows users to specify demographic and psychographic parameters.

Click Tracking and warmth mapping Tools:

6. ClickTale:

Key Features:

Visitor recordings; watch a playback of visitor behavior on your site.

7. MouseFlow:

Key Features:

Captures clicks, scrolls, form fills and mouse movements.


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