7 Best Free Uptime Monitoring Services

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1. Montis

Monitis carries out free uptime monitoring that’s easily customizable and features a list of interesting and useful features. This tool not only helps you monitor your site’s uptime, but also allows you to monitor your network and server performance and page load time. It sends you alerts via SMS and emails and to your Android and iOS devices with its mobile monitoring service.

2. ServiceUptime

ServiceUptime allows one monitoring per free account from 10 monitoring locations. you’ll access account statistics for the entire period of monitoring. The stats are never deleted. you’ll choose uptime reports daily, monthly, weekly and yearly. you’ll also set custom timezone and daylight-saving time . You get alerts within the sort of emails and SMS.

3. Montastic

Get email alerts when your site goes down and when your site goes up with this free uptime monitoring service. The service monitors your website’s uptime every half-hour under the free plan.

If you would like them to watch your website’s uptime every five minutes and monitor quite three websites, then you’d need to choose their paid plans.

4. Site24x7

Site24x7 offers free uptime monitoring services with website, network, server, port and FTP monitoring and testing SSL certificate expiry. you’ll monitor five basic websites from one location. The monitoring is completed every 10 minutes as per the free plan.

You can always upgrade to paid plans for advanced features.

5. SiteUptime

You can monitor one site for free of charge with SiteUptime’s free uptime monitoring service. The monitoring interval for the free account is 30 to 60 mins. within the free plan, you’ll only receive email alerts.

For advanced features you’ll ask their paid plans.

6. Uptime Robot

With a free account on this free uptime monitoring service, you’ll monitor up to 50 websites. It checks your site’s header and gets status codes like 200-ok or 404-not found every five minutes. If the status codes is anything aside from these and therefore the site isn’t loading, UptimeRobot diagnoses the location for 30 seconds more. If the matter still persists, it sends alert via email, SMS, Twitter, web hooks or Pushbullet.

Apart from uptime and downtime monitoring, the service also helps monitor server (ping), monitoring keywords (if keywords exist or not during a webpage) and monitoring port (such as SMTP, DNS, POP).

7. Uptimia

Uptimia’s free option can check your website (HTTP/HTTPS) or web services (DNS, UDP, TCP, SMTP, POP3) as often as 5 minutes. you’ll recieve notifications you by SMS or e-mail immediately when your website goes down.

Their paid plan includes uptime monitoring every 30 seconds, website speed monitoring, multiple-step transaction monitoring and visitor performance satisfaction monitoring.


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