‘Mr. Smith Has Four Daughters’ Riddle Reply: Right here’s How Many Youngsters He Has


Anew riddle is making the rounds on social media that asks if Mr. Smith has 4 daughters, simply what number of kids he has. Right here’s a have a look at the reply to the riddle and simply what number of kids Mr. Smith has. It’s so much trickier than you may assume at first.

The riddle usually reads like this:

Mr. Smith has Four daughters. Every of his daughters has a brother. What number of kids does Mr. Smith have?

Are you prepared for the reply? Learn on beneath.

Right here’s the Reply to the Riddle

Right here’s the historically accepted reply to the riddle, however observe that there are arguments that may be made towards it:

Mr. Smith has 5 kids as a result of his daughters all have the identical brother. 

That is the reply as a result of we assume that the that means of “every of his daughters has a brother” is that every of the daughters shares the similar brother.

However it’s value noting that lots of people debate this reply. Some say that he might have as many as eight kids if every daughter had a brother, however not essentially the identical brother. Some argue that the wording of the riddle doesn’t require that they share the brother, and that Mr. Smith might have kids with totally different ladies. There’s actually nothing within the riddle itself that clues us in about who the mom is or whether or not all the kids share the identical mother.

So some may say the proper reply could be that he has anyplace from 5 to eight kids given the parameters of the riddle.

  • He might have 4 daughters and a son with the identical mother, equaling 5 kids.
  • Or perhaps three of the daughters share the identical brother however then he has a daughter and son with a special mother. That might be three daughters and their brother (4) after which one daughter and her brother (2) for six whole kids.
  • Or he might have two daughters who share the identical brother (three kids) after which a daughter-and-son pair with two totally different mothers (Four kids) for 7 whole.
  • Or every of his 4 daughters might be with a special mother, and he might have a son with every of these mothers too, for Eight kids.

As you may see, there actually are a number of potential debated solutions in addition to 5.

Others may nonetheless argue for yet one more interpretation. The riddle by no means says that every daughter’s brother is Mr. Smith’s baby. So that you may even be capable of argue that he has anyplace from Four to eight kids, relying on whether or not the daughters’ brother is Mr. Smith’s baby too.

If you wish to make issues slightly extra complicated, contemplate this barely altered model of the riddle:

Mr. Smith had Four daughters. Every of his daughters had a brother. What number of kids does Mr. Smith have?

Some argue that as a result of this riddle says he had daughters (up to now tense) and so they had brothers, then we must always say that Mr. Smith doesn’t have any kids at present. However that is complicated as a result of even when his kids aren’t alive anymore, they’re nonetheless kids that he has. Or if Mr. Smith died and that’s why it’s up to now tense, then they’re nonetheless all his kids. It actually simply expands the potential solutions from zero as much as 8. It’s higher to only phrase the riddle within the current tense and keep away from the confusion of getting two tenses in a single riddle. You’ll be able to see folks debating the previous tense model of the riddle in a Quora dialogue right here and coming to the same conclusion.

This riddle generally is worded barely otherwise, equivalent to saying that “Harry has Four daughters” or “An individual has Four daughters.” The tip conclusion remains to be the identical.

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