Filipe Duarte Useless: ‘Days Gone’ Voice Actor Dies at 46

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Portuguese actor and voice actor Filipe Duarte has died on the age of 46. Duarte died on Friday, April 17, after affected by a coronary heart assault in Lisbon, Portugal, in keeping with the Portuguese media outlet Fama Present.

Duarte was born on June 5, 1973 in Angola, Portugal, and he’s recognized for such roles as Deacon within the PlayStaion four recreation Days Gone, Fernando Ataíde in Variações: Guardian Angel and Lucas Oliveira e Silva in Cinzento e Negro. Duarte, who was also referred to as “Pipo,” spoke three languages, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The official PlayStation Portugal web page posted a tribute for Duarte, which options Deacon from Days Gone:

The tweet interprets to: “Heroes are eternally. Thanks, Filipe Duarte”

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