Don’t fall for Elon Musk’s newest ego-driven advertising and marketing ploy

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And this man needs to colonize Mars.

COVID-19 has unmoored self-proclaimed genius Elon Musk like nothing because the dramatic 2018 cave rescue of 12 Thai youngsters and their coach — a rescue Musk badly tried and did not hijack, leaving him to slander one hero diver as a “pedo.”

Tesla’s market worth instantly plunged by $2 billion.

Within the aftermath, a chastened Musk did a reasonably good job of retaining his head down, his mouth shut and assembly Tesla manufacturing numbers — his longtime bete noire.

After which got here a worldwide pandemic, treating us all to one more look inside this once-in-a-generation thoughts. It’s at all times a visit.

“The coronavirus panic is dumb,” he tweeted on March 6.

“Possibly value contemplating chloroquine for C19,” he tweeted March 16.

Days later, Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear that chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, had not been confirmed efficient towards coronavirus.

Undeterred, Musk tweeted to not fear, proclaiming that youngsters are “basically immune” to the coronavirus.

Additionally not true. The truth is, we’ve watched youngsters fall sick to a probably deadly “pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome” that our high medical minds can’t particularly diagnose.

But Musk loves nothing greater than selling himself as some type of world superhero, one with a mind so expansive he can clear up any disaster or manifest any imaginative and prescient in a flash — be it interplanetary journey or the ultra-fast fabrication of a submarine constructed to inconceivable specs or the magicking up of desperately wanted, hard-to-build medical gear.

“We’ve further FDA-approved ventilators,” he tweeted on March 31. “Will ship to hospitals worldwide inside Tesla supply areas. Machine & delivery prices are free. Solely requirement is that the vents are wanted instantly for sufferers, not saved in a warehouse.”

But as extensively reported, most of what he shipped have been non-invasive machines used to assist sufferers with sleep apnea. In typical vogue — big guarantees to {the marketplace}, little to no success — Musk stored upping the ante, posting a photograph of what he known as a Tesla-engineered ventilator that now we have but to truly see.

No worries. Like the best con artists, Musk is adept at shifting eyeballs the place he needs them. So subsequent he started agitating for the lockdown to finish, tweeting that it’s a violation of civil liberties.

“FREE AMERICA NOW!” was an April 29 tweet.

If we all know one factor about COVID-19, it’s this: Till there’s a vaccine, this virus is the fixed. Human habits is the variable.

Anyway, Musk have to be going stir-crazy, as a result of he additionally tweeted that he was giving up all his materials possessions, together with his residence — that’s one solution to be free from quarantine — with one stipulation.

“I personal Gene Wilder’s home,” he tweeted. “It can’t be torn down or lose any [of] its soul.”

This was after tweeting elements of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in bits and items.

Tesla shareholders, are you alarmed but? Does this look like the habits of a secure, sober-as-a-judge CEO?

Musk and girlfriend Grimes simply named their new child boy X Æ A-12. The state of California, which has allowed for Pilot Inspektor, Zuma Nesta Rock and Audio Science, might not log out on this — which can play into Musk’s final objective: claiming authorities overreach.

His actual struggle is re-opening and working his Tesla plant in California, which he did yesterday in defiance of lockdown orders. What’s that — debt, you say? A historical past of over-promising and under-producing? Tesla on the verge, once more as ever?

No — look over right here, fellow People. Elon Musk needs us to imagine he’s a warrior for our liberty and our rights, not an overleveraged Silicon Valley billionaire who, just like the smallest of us, could also be completely undone by a virus that cares not about who you might be.

Or, on this case, need so badly to be.


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