‘The 100’ Season 7 Episode 7 Ending Defined: Who’s the Man on the Finish?

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There was a stunning reveal on the finish of The 100 Season 7 Episode tonight and it concerned an previous storyline from Season Four involving somebody named Invoice Cadogan. Right here’s a proof for what that ending meant and a refresher on Invoice Cadogan.

This text may have main spoilers for the Season 7 Episode 7 ending, so learn on with warning. 

On the finish, we see Anders approaching what appears to be like like a cryogenic chamber. He places his hand on the chamber after saying a brief prayer and opens it.

Inside is a person who’s apparently been asleep for a very long time. In the event you seemed carefully when he opened the cryo-chamber, you possibly can see that it stated: “William Cadogan.” He asks Anders to name him Invoice.

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Cadogan then asks Anders in the event that they cracked the code and if the battle is over. He says no, however “we’ve a key.” Then they simply stare at one another awkwardly for a second earlier than the episode ends. We realized earlier that Clarke is that key for some purpose that hasn’t but been defined.

So who’s Invoice Cadogan? He’s straight out of Season 4, which makes for great continuity.

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Invoice Cadogan based the Second Daybreak cult as a result of he believed the world was going to finish. We noticed him in a video that Jaha confirmed to Clarke and Bellamy within the episode “The 4 Horsemen.” In that video, he stated that expertise was going for use towards them.

Jaha additionally talked about Cadogan to Kane within the episode “The God Complicated.”

It’s doubtless that the Second Daybreak group had been the ancestors of the Grounders. They had been closely featured in Season 4’s mythology. They’d 12 ranges to advance via, and you possibly can solely “obtain salvation” if you happen to reached Stage 12. Nevertheless, there have been additionally claims that wealthy folks may unlock among the seals simply by paying hundreds of thousands.

Jaha found that Cadogan bought off many of the Second Daybreak’s actual property in the course of the two years earlier than the nuclear bombs, and constructed a bunker underneath his childhood house. However this wasn’t the actual bunker — it was a decoy bunker the place lower-level followers fled to and finally died. The true bunker was situated underneath Baltimore and later grew to become Polis.

Actually, a lot of the Grounder’s mythology seems to be from the Second Daybreak cult, The 100 Wiki notes. “From the ashes, we’ll rise” was a phrase that Cadogan would say and have become a part of a Grounder prayer. The phrase “Blood will need to have blood” and “your struggle is over” additionally got here from the Second Daybreak.

Becca landed close to that bunker in 2054. She provided them Nighblood serum, however Cadogan later would burn her on the stake. It’s not clear why.

The 100 5×10 | Becca pramheda burnt aliveThe 100 season 5 episode 10 After Madi has been possessed by the flame she sees the recollections of the earlier commanders and sees the destiny of Becca Pramheda, She is burnt alive by Invoice Cadogan, Hopefully we’ll discover out why sooner or later. -=- Is it simply me or is everyone else shook about this scene? -=- Thanks for watching, Like and subscribe. Remark why you assume they did this to Becca All rights and content material belong to, CW community The 100 official web site: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/the-100/ Like The 100 on Fb: https://www.facebook.com/cwthe100 Observe The 100 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cwthe100 Observe The 100 on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cw_the1002018-07-18T12:22:23Z

There’s rather a lot to be taught nonetheless about Cadogan and the Second Daybreak. To date, the prevailing concept is that Cadogan’s Second Daybreak bunker had an anomaly stone in it and so they got here to Bardo by way of that stone to flee the destruction on Earth.

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