Hana Kimura Dead: Japanese Professional Wrestler Dies at 22

Japanese professional wrestler Hana Kimura died on May 23 at the age of twenty-two . Kimura wrestled for the promotion Stardom, who confirmed her death on their website and social media. The Tokyo-based company, also known by its full name World Wonder Ring Stardom, issued a press release on its English-language Twitter account:

We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has gave up the ghost .

The promotion also posted on its website:

Our company player Hana Kimura gave up the ghost today on May 23. We apologize for the sudden concern and sorrow for our fans and every one concerned. Regarding the small print , there are some parts that we’ve not yet grasped, so we’ll still cooperate with the investigation between the parties concerned. We deeply pray for Hana Kimura’s life.

Her explanation for death has not been revealed. Earlier within the day, Kimura shared self-harm photos of herself and spoke of her severe depression. Wrestling News reported that an episode of Netflix’s “Terrace House” had just aired in Japan, and it painted Kimura as a villain. The outlet indicated that Kimura was the victim of online bullying by fans of the show. This has not been independently confirmed by Heavy.

Here’s what you would like to understand about Hana Kimura:

1. Many Fans Were Concerned for Kimura Earlier within the Day After She Posted on Social Media



Kimura posted some photos and self-harm photos on social media earlier within the day, consistent with Mandatory. The outlet also reported that she posted some messages indicating that she was struggling: “Nearly 100 frank opinions a day . I couldn’t deny that i used to be hurt. I’m dead. many thanks for giving me a mother. it had been a life I wanted to be loved. many thanks to everyone who supported me. I love it. I’m weak, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a person’s anymore. it had been a life I wanted to be loved. many thanks everyone, i really like you. Bye.”

After she posted that tweet, many fans took to Twitter to voice their support for the wrestler. One account wrote: “[Hana Kimura] you’re strong. you’re loved. you’re supported and admired round the world. i will be able to always believe Hana Kimura! #WeLoveHanaKimura.” Another added that after reading the concerning message, “I came touch with people to urge them to seek out out if she’s OK. What I came was that she is OK together are often . STARDOM and other friends are on the way to her.”

Those tweets have since been faraway from the account and her last tweet shows her cuddling together with her cat.

2. Kimura Was a Successful Wrestler Whose Mother Was Also a well known Japanese Pro Wrestler

Kimura was born on September 3, 1997, in Yokohama, Japan, and trained with Wrestle-1 at their wrestling university. Her mother, Kyoko Kimura, is additionally knowledgeable wrestler and mixed martial artist who had a 14-year career before retiring in 2017.

Kimura made her debut on March 30, 2016, with Wrestle-1. She wrestled repeatedly that year, including against her mother. She won her first title on September 18, 2016, the JWP Junior Championship. She eventually left Wrestle-1 to maneuver to Stardom on Annunciation , 2019, where she became the leader of a faction called Tokyo Cyber Squad. She won the Artist of Stardom Championship twice and therefore the Goddess of Stardom Championship once.

3. Kimura Appeared on a Netflix Reality Show Called ‘Terrace House: Tokyo,’ Which Is Currently Airing

In addition to her wrestling career, Kimura appeared on the Netflix reality show “Terrace House: Tokyo.” Netflix describes the show: “Six strangers share a wonderful house in Tokyo, trying to find love while living under an equivalent roof. With no script, what happens next is all up to them.”

She first appeared on the show for the 20th episode on October 22, 2019. She immediately made an impression on the house thanks to her outgoing nature.

4. Kimura Was a Dancer in highschool Before Becoming knowledgeable Wrestler

Kimura was a dancer in highschool before becoming knowledgeable wrestler. In an interview from January 2020 posted to YouTube and available above, Kimura said she initially wanted to become a dancer. She said when it came time to earn money and “put food on the table,” dance was not something that she really enjoyed.

She said her mother, who was knowledgeable wrestler, told her she should also follow that path, which was something she didn’t initially like. However, when she lost interest in dance as a career path, she decided that becoming a professional wrestler was more realistic and it allowed her to stay dance as a hobby. She said when she started, she told her mother she would try it for 3 years, but since stepping into wrestling , she’s never considered quitting and knew she would roll in the hay for for much longer .

5. People Took to Social Media to Post Tributes to Kimura & Share Their Sadness at the Young Wrestler’s Death
After Stardom confirmed Kimura’s death, Twitter was flooded with tribute posts and other people expressing their sadness at her passing.




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