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‘Cookie Banana Clock’ Riddle: Right here’s the Reply to the Puzzle


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, a variety of riddles and puzzles are going viral on social media whereas folks shelter at residence. One of many many new riddles to catch folks’s consideration is the “Cookie Banana Clock” puzzle. Learn on to study extra concerning the puzzle and the reply.

The cookie banana clock puzzle usually appears to be like like this:


It’s not clear the place the puzzle originated from, because it’s now shared all over the place with no supply and there’s no watermark on the puzzle itself.

The puzzle reads: “Just one out of seven will get this proper!” Then it exhibits three cookies added collectively to 30, two bananas and a cookie added collectively to equal 14, and a banana and two fancy clocks added collectively to equal 8. Then it asks what the sum is of a clock, two bananas, and a cookie.

Are you able to study the reply?

The Reply to the Riddle Is Beneath

The reply to the puzzle is 10. 

Like many related math riddles, you must decide the worth of every object earlier than calculating. It’s essential to notice that the cookie within the final query has a special variety of chips in it than the cookie within the first query, and the final query has a special variety of bananas than the second and third questions. That is a part of the trick.

The primary equation exhibits Three cookies, every with 10 chips, including to 30. So every chip is added collectively to make the sum whole. A cookie’s sum is the whole of chips that you just see on it.

We will guess that with this being the case, the second line of Four bananas + one 10-chip cookie = 14 signifies that the Four bananas should equal 4. (14-10 chips = 4.) We will surmise which means every banana is the same as 1.

Lastly, we’re left with 2 bananas + 2 clocks equalling 8. 8-2 bananas = 6. There are 2 clocks, so every clock equals 3.

For those who’re simply studying by means of rapidly, you may surmise that the final query results in one clock (3) + two single bananas (2) + a cookie with 7 chips (7) = 12. However you’d be fallacious. That’s as a result of you must look extra carefully. The clocks truly change time from line three to 4. In order that they’re not at all times value 3. (And there’s an indication distinction you’re overlooking, which we’ll point out within the subsequent part.)

Whenever you look extra carefully, you’ll discover that in line 3, the clocks are pointing to three:00. So which means the clock is well worth the worth of the time on its face. It might be straightforward to overlook this refined element, for the reason that worth on the face simply occurs to match the worth of the clocks added collectively anyway. The worth of the face of the clock in line 4 is 2, not 3. So that you even have one clock (2) + two single bananas (2) + a cookie with 7 chips. However that’s 11, not 10. Hmmm.

However wait, there’s nonetheless extra!

You see, in addition they change the signal on the finish too that’s tremendous straightforward to miss. So it’s 2 (clock at 2:00) + 1 (banana) + 1 (banana) x 7 (chips on a cookie). That’s: 7×1 = 7, leaving us with 2+1+7 which equals 10. (You multiply 7×1 first earlier than including, per BODMAS.) 

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