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Calculate the Complete Sum of Numbers Riddle: Reply Defined


Have you ever seen a riddle on social media that asks you to “calculate the overall sum of numbers” and the highest quantity seems like a 6? The reply to this puzzle is a bit trickier than you would possibly assume.

The riddle got here to my consideration after I was tagged on Fb by a pal who was sharing the puzzle. It seems like this:


It’s not clear the place the riddle originated. By now, it’s circulated on Fb in lots of types, though the numbers within the puzzle do look the identical.

Are you prepared for the reply? Right here it’s under.

Right here’s the Reply to the Riddle

The reply is 30. 

The secret is to seek out all the numbers which are hidden within the photograph. The riddle will be complicated as a result of there are fairly just a few numbers hidden within the image.

First, you possibly can see the 6, 9, and 1 under:


Then there’s the Eight and the 4:


There’s a 2 hidden in there additionally. Be aware that the place the two begins on the high, there’s a slight layer within the drawing, indicating that it is a 2 layered on high of the 8.


So that you’re 6+9+1+8+2+4= 30

Most historically agree that that is the reply. For instance, Republic World says the reply is 30. And that is the fitting reply as a result of there are ever-so-slight layered marks within the drawing to point which numbers are layered on high of one another.

However some individuals debate this. Some say the Eight will also be divided as much as appear like a 3.


That one’s debatable. Some would possibly say it doesn’t appear like a Three in any respect. However if you happen to assume it seems like a 3, then your reply is 33. Nonetheless, the 6 doesn’t have a barely layered mark in it to point there’s a Three over the 8, so 33 will not be going to be a broadly accepted reply. (Others argue that the Eight has a hidden 5 in it too, however that’s actually a stretch. It’s extra of a hidden S, which isn’t a quantity.)

Some would possibly argue that the Eight can even have a backward 3, providing you with a solution of 36. If you happen to attempt to stretch it much more, you would possibly argue that the two turned the other way up sort of resembles a 7, providing you with the reply of 43. Others would even argue that there’s a hidden the other way up 6 (when the 9 is turned the other way up), providing you with a solution of 49.

If you wish to make issues actually complicated, you possibly can argue that the Eight sideways is infinity, and the reply is infinity. This can be a good go-to reply if individuals begin making an attempt so as to add in numbers which are the other way up or sideways to the puzzle and make all of it complicated.

In order you possibly can see, when you begin turning numbers the other way up and sideways, issues can get complicated quick. If we’re not upside-down numbers and are waiting for slight layering marks, then the reply is historically 30. If you happen to do begin the other way up or sideways numbers, then the reply rapidly turns into infinity as a result of Eight doubling as an infinity image.

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